If there is one quick way of getting fame through social media, it’s by already being famous, or having a lot of money, or talent, or being handsome or lucky. In the best-case scenario, it’s a combination of all of these. Bally Singh has thousands of followers thanks to having it all. He’s become so viral on the internet, that he hardly needs to put any effort in keeping his fame up and running.

Out of all the internet celebs, Bally Singh still is a rather unique case. Traveling from one country to another, partying all around the world, living life to the fullest and sharing every detail of it with his followers on Instagram and other social media. Even many other rich people could be jealous when they compare themselves with Bally Singh because Singh became this rich by simply partying.

Singh started the Rich List Group. This is a group of rich people that serves as a guide of how to live the high life. You’ll find that expensive cars are essential, but also beautiful women, boats, islands, and villas. Each of these elements is a requirement to call yourself an elite in living in wealth.

But the Rich List Group is also to show the world that anyone could get this far. He put India on the map and is a role model to many young Indian boys who aspire to become as big as Singh. You don’t need to already be rich or a member of a successful family. You just need to be smart in the game of life and work your way up the ladder with all the wits and skills you have. Singh also hopes that this attitude will help him aspire many others.

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