Overwatch players discovering bugs and glitches in the popular online first person shooter isn’t really a rare occurance, and yet again, we’re bringing you a report about just that- another glitch discovered by players of Overwatch. This one has affected the character Junkrat. More specifically, its RIP-Tire ability.

RIP-Tire allows Junkrat to release a remotely controller tire-shaped bomb, but thanks to a glitch recently discovered by a player, it’s facing a major issue. The player put up a video (which you can check out below) on a  Reddit thread, showing the bug which causes the RIP-Tire to switch camera angles after the player’s death and messes with the control.

It seems like this only triggers when players respawn while still using the tire. Judging by the number and nature of comments and upvotes on the thread in question, it seems like a lot of people have been facing this same issue. While it definitely isn’t serious enough to be game-breaking by any means, we sure hope Blizzard addresses this soon.

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