Toki Tori 2 was one of the standout indie games on Nintendo’s Wii U- but if you missed out on it back then (maybe because you were a normal person and you didn’t own a Wii U, or because you were like me, and did own a Wii U, but really hated it, and didn’t want to buy or play many or any games on it), then you get a second chance to take it out for a spin.

Nintendo of Europe’s PR has confirmed that Toki Tori 2+ Nintendo Switch Edition will be launching on the Nintendo Switch eShop on February 23- to be clear, that’s next Friday, or basically one week from now. Hell of a surprise to spring on someone, isn’t it?

Toki Tori 2 was a great, charming game, one that got sadly minimal exposure back when it first came out- hopefully, being on a popular platform like Switch, and one where games of its ilk have found so much success, means that it will fare better this time around.